Kittygram Game : Puzzling Adventures of a Feline 


 Kitty cat need help to finish each level. Find correct possition to each block to finished and start new level. You can choose table size from 3x3 until 10x10. Goog luck.

Kittygram Game: Perplexing Feline Adventures

Set off on a fascinating adventure with Kittygram, an engrossing puzzle game that requires players to help a cute cat go through a variety of stages. In order to assist the cat achieve its goal, players must plan ahead and move blocks as each level presents a different set of obstacles. With its easy starting points and progressively difficult tasks, Kittygram offers endless hours of brain-twisting fun.

Features of the Game:

 Interesting Puzzle Mechanics: Kittygram provides a wide variety of puzzles that become harder with time, keeping players of all skill levels interested and challenged.
Customizable Table Sizes: Gamers may create a customized gaming experience by selecting the size of the game board, which can vary from a reasonable 3x3 grid to a more complex 10x10 arrangement.
- Adorable Visuals: Kittygram's vibrant visuals and endearing animations bring the game to life, making it a captivating experience for gamers of all ages.
Simple touch or mouse controls allow players to effortlessly move blocks and direct the kitty cat through each level, making the game playable by both novice and expert players.

How to Engage in the Game:

1. Select Your Task: Choose the preferred table size from the available choices, which span from 3x3 to 10x10.
2. Navigate the Blocks: To provide a clear route for the kitty cat to reach its intended goal, carefully move each block inside the grid.
3. Finish the Level: To go on to the following level, assist the kitty cat reach the finish line after all the blocks have been placed properly and the road is clear.
4. Repeat and Advance: Continue to put your puzzle-solving abilities to the test as you assist the kitty cat in overcoming hurdles on its exciting trip, with each new level offering novel difficulties.

In Kittygram, go off on a magical journey with cuddly feline friends along the way. Can you assist the feline in solving each challenge and getting to its goal? Best of luck and happy deciphering!